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Barrow County Board of Commissioners

30 North Broad Street, Winder, GA, 30680, US

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Minor Subdivision Application

All Minor Subdivisions must adhere to Barrow County Code of Ordinances Section 89-462. All submittals must be submitted electronically. NOTE: Review fees must be paid in full before approved plats will be released for recording.

The typical turn around time for a Minor Subdivision Application is two weeks, please schedule real estate closings accordingly. Following plat approval by Barrow County Planning and Community Development Department, your Design Professional may record the plat through the Georgia Clerk's online portal. A digital copy of the approved plat will be emailed to the Design Professional for recording purposes. If a plat is recorded without the Barrow County Planning and Community Development approval stamp, it is not recognized as legitimate by the Barrow County Planning & Community Development Department.

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You will be provided with a Minor Subdivision Application Number upon submission.

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